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Today I started training for Madrid’s half marathon.

Last year I started running and now it has become my way of living.

At the beginning I was really hard to keep up but as the weeks went by I started to feel better and more capable.

Just one month later I decided to run San Sebastian’s half marathon with two of my best friends here in Madrid; they inspired me to achieve this new goal; we started training together every day and after 3 month, we ran half marathon.

It’s amazing how if you train and prepare yourself, you can achieve what ever you want!

Before coming to Madrid I would have never thought that I could run, not even for a mile, but why not? I am capable and I did it.

Now I’m so happy and proud of my self and just now I’ve starter training for my second half marathon and I feel better than ever!

I wanted to share this feeling with you because if I did it you can do it too! Not only running, maybe achieving a different goal but never doubt you, the sky is the limit.

Total Look: Nike, Headphones: Marshall, Watch: Apple Watch Nike +

Total Look: Asics, Headphones: Marshall

Total Look: Oysho, Headphones: Marshall

Total Look: Adidas, Headphones: Marshall

I got inspired by my run and decided to create four awesome looks that I will love to have for my 12-week training.

My favorite color for sportswear is black as you can see; I like to combine all my running clothes and keep it simple, no need for color when I’m having my “me” time.

I’m a huge fan of technology and Marshall headphones are my favorite, I have a pair and I love how the sound wraps me while running.

Temperature is really low when I’m training gloves and anoraks have become my best ally for those cold and rainy days.

Last but not least always remember test your running equipment before the big day!

I hope you like this post and let me know if you want me to post more personal experiences!

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