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I’m not a food expert but I do know one thing: I LOVE FOOD!

I’ve realized that every time I posted a picture of my food on Instagram or Instastories many of my friends and followers asked me about those places and what to order, since last year I wanted to start a food section on my blog in order to share my personal, amateur food experience and the amazing places I had the joy to eat in.

The first place I’m going to share is: StreetXO Madrid by Chef David Muñoz.

When my dear friend Rodrigo came to visit me in Madrid, he invited me to try this famous place on top of El Corte Ingles Serrano; a friend of him, an expert in food was going to join us.

It was odd that Ro told me to meet him at 12:30pm, in Mexico we are used to eat at 2:30 or even 3pm, but we are in Spain different custom; as soon as I got there I saw a empty line with the name of the restaurant on it, they told me they where still closed that I had to wait until 1pm to get in, I order a beer while I waited for my friend.

Once Ro arrived he told me why I met him that early, this place is so famous that you always have to make a huge line to get in and wait for hours; as soon as I turned my head there was people in line already, we ran to get in and try this amazing place.

After waiting for 20 minutes they called us, it was our turn to get in, they sat us in the restaurant bar; in the middle of it I could see the cooks doing their job, it almost felt like we were on the kitchen.

Luckily for Ro and me we had the perfect person to guide us on what to order, all dishes where perfect for sharing, and obviously try more things.

They received us with three cloudy texturized breads, after that we ordered their must famous dish, the Pekinese Dumplings filed with crunchy pig’s ear, strawberry hoisin, Ali-oli and pickles, when they brought us the dish they explained us all we needed to know about it and the magic began, the cook spread a large paper and starter to go all “Pollock” on it, throwing sauce the dumplings and all ingredients, like a master piece, it was the best dumpling I have ever had.

As a second plate we had the Steamed Club Sandwich made of suckling pig, ricotta, quail egg and chilly mayonnaise, the texture was indescribable and the balance of flavors just perfect and on top of it the yolk of the quail egg running on every bite: nirvana.

Our third dish was the Saan made with pancetta Iberica, mussels, shitake, sriracha and tartar sauce; I just melted for the strong flavor of the pancetta, I could eat pork every day.

Before our last course we ordered a spicy cocktail made with tequila, because you know… Mexicans, I must say I wasn’t my favorite cocktail ever but it was the perfect solution to make some space for more food.

Last course: La “Pedroche” croquettes with an awesome twits… and a show.

I just loved this loud and delicious place, everything about it was new to me and the company was exceptional.

I could describe this as my fist contemporary Spanish food experience; they really know what they are doing.

If you’re ever in Madrid or London the StreetXO restaurant is a must.

Let me know what you think of the new section of my blog!

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