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Shopping in Fuencarral

Madrid is full of shopping streets where you can find incredible stores and clothes.

Many of my friends from other countries living in Madrid have asked me if I could advice them on where to go and what stores to shop in, I though it would be a great way to start shopping lists in order to help people that are in Madrid only for a few days or even living in the city but don’t really have time to go around looking for the perfect stores.

I decided to start with Fuencarral a pedestrian street known for it’s boutiques and urban style.

Since it’s a big street I will be posting two lists, I’m will start from Gran Vía to Calle de Augusto Figueroa.

Urban Jungle

Sneakers heaven! If you are a sneakers fan like me you’ll love this store, you will find the coolest and trendiest sneakers in Madrid, from the latest Yeeze Boots to a Nike Classic Cortés.


If you like a mix of a girly/sport style this is a “must stop”, this French prêt-à -porter store has a perfect balance of clothes you’ll find your dream biker and at the same time the perfect cocktail dress, from a white Victorian shirt to a classic pantsuit.


This French fast fashion store was my favorite one when I was 13 years old and went to France for the first time, I remember with my French friends buying the coolest clothes there. It had been a few years since a last visited that store but I have to say that I found at least three sweaters, two jackets and four shirts that I wanted to buy; meaning: They’re still doing it right! And their prices are the best!

Calvin Klein

Classic never goes out style, especially when the 90’s are back. I remember when I was a kid, all I wanted was to wear a Calvin Klein sports bra or top and jeans, off course I never even tried to share that feeling with my mom cause I already knew the answer, all I had was the classic CK Jeans white T-shirt and underwear, now I’m happy that I can try all those 90’s trends at an adequate age, although I’m pretty sure I will never wear that sports bra by it self.

El Ganso

Four years ago I came to Madrid for the first time to visit my sister, she told me and my now husband, we had to go to El Ganso and we did and we both love it now! I love how they transformed classic into contemporary fashion, last year I had the chance to interview one of the founders and he told me the story of how El Ganso was born, two Spanish brothers living in London, they realized the didn’t had a brand in Spain where you could fins classic clothes witn a lost of style like the did in London, then the idea was born, years later they have stores in more than 10 countries.


My favorite sandals in the world and the only ones I enjoy wearing, even though is autumn and we are mainly freezing you have to do a pit stop to Birkenstock to make you wish list for spring-summer!

Comptoir des Cotonniers

Basics Land, where every basic you need you will find.

As the name says almost everything is cotton made; this French brand offers a large range of timeless clothes, perfect for classic and effortless chic women.


I love extreme sports brands! Ever since I met my husband he has shown me how amazing skater, surf, ski, brands, they offer the best quality off outdoor clothes and sneakers, if you like skating like me on Quicksilver you’ll find different cool skateboard brands and have a ride at El Retiro.


I’m love makeup even thought I don’t wear much of it I love to buy it; lipsticks are my obsession, especially when they come in red. MAC has THE best brushes and long-lasting lipsticks. Tip: If you have empty lipstick packaging’s at home bring them to the store they’ll give you a discount into your new purchase.


The perfect place to buy denim, I love their jackets and jeans, my favorite pair of Levi’s are number 501, I’ll be going soon for a new pair!

The North Face

I love outdoor clothes, especially when camping, but you can also wear sport clothes in the city. In this store you will find everything you need for this winter, and if you have a ski trip coming you can buy here the equipment.

Oveja Negra

This boutique has the coolest shoes, I have an obsession with Dr. Martens boots and they sell them there, also sneakers, and they have super cool sneakers, I’m into backpacks too and they have the trendiest ones there, it’s like the perfect store for things you love and never find.


If you like urban style this is the store you were looking for, from caps to backpacks this store has it all and it has to floors maybe one of the biggest boutiques in Fuencarral.


Muji is an amazing Japanese store where you’ll find from home storage boxes, and furniture to clothes and studies supplies. Its minimal Nippon style is perfect for everyone; if you are away from home you’ll love their home décor section.

Kiko Milano

I discovered this makeup store when I lived in Milan, they sell THE best nail polish in history and they have a huge color range, you will also find everything you need to do your nails, makeup or skincare at an amazing price.

G-Star Raw

This urban brand rocks the collab field, they launched earlier this year a collab with Pharrell Williams for the G-Star Elwood jeans, he created different pattern for this bottom line and the results where amazing, soon they’ll launch the next collab with Pharell and it look pretty cool!


I love Adidas Originals, their sneakers, clothing’s line and special editions are always on my wish list. I try to wear confortable clothes, the fashion field it’s not as glamorous as it seams, and I wear all the time sneakers I can assure you that that you’ll will find more incredible shoes than the classic Stan Smith in there.

I hope you like this list of stores, let me know what you think and if you want me to post more shopping lists!

Have a great shopping day!

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