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The new H&M exclusive collaboration is almost here!

On November 2 we will be able to own and an Erdem!!

Erdem has become one of the most desired fashion designers and off course it couldn’t be unnoticed by H&M.

His famous floral and organic shaped designs will be part of this collection, the combination of Victorian necklines, lace, embroidery and silk will be the spotlight.

For the fist time Erdem will be launching a men’s collection and it is to die for! Flower prints are part of it too.

Delicacy meets urban.

The collection comes with a fashion film by Baz Luhrmann witch transports us to a secret garden, a paradise of textures and flowers: “The Garden of Erdem”

I’ve created a few ideas on how to wear this gorgeous collection; I would definitely wear it like this.

I can’t wait to November the 2nd ….

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