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TREND REPORT Fall-Winter 17

My first trend report on Elemental, here’s a complete guide of what you’ll be needing on your closet for the next months, metallic, flowers, a trip to the wild west or the future, e-very-thing you need to know.

Silver garments and accessories have become one of biggest must haves for the past three seasons, a complete basic, you can wear it with everything. My special favorites are silver boots.

Corduroy has a big comeback, you’ll find this old fashioned fabric on pants, coats, jackets and dresses in its classic khaki and burgundy color shades or even in bright blue or green like we saw on Nina Ricci and Paul & Joe show, are you ready to wear it?

Dark brown is one of the colors of fall you’ll find it in every garment and fabric, this top trend comes on monochromatic looks, bathe yourself on a chic dark chocolate fondue.

Feathers are still one of the biggest trends for winter; their delicate shape alludes to snow, angels and Christmas. You’ll find them everywhere from a gorgeous nightgown to the bottom of a cocktail dress, on small details or completely covering a coat.

Flowers are mostly known for spring or summer but who said you can’t wear them on winter?

Daisies, roses, violets it doesn’t matter they’re on fire!

It’s no secret, furs are big for winter but they are taking more strength, the bigger the better, colors are a must and wait for it…. Now they have patterns!

Outdoors sweaters! Who knew? One of my favorite garments ever! The après ski vibe, warm wool, cozy vibe and cool patterns are the best. No wonder high fashion brands included this special garment to their collections.

Rise and shine, metallic fabrics and textures are here to stay, from sequins to plasticized textiles, make a statement by including a metallic garment or more, don`t be afraid of adding more than one, no need to match, just have fun.

Threads here, threads there, threads everywhere. This season is all about the thread, on your sleeves, dress and jacket or just in small details appearing where they shouldn’t be.

Top color of the season, wear more red, a monochromatic look is a must do this fall-winter, you’ll find it in every presentation, lace, sequins, velvet, no matter what you like the most you’ll find it in red. Love Red

I looove sheep shear; it adds an outdoorsy vibe (you may know by now I love outdoors clothes) to every garment. It makes you feel on the countryside. What I like the most of this trend is how designers are adding sheep shear to unusual garments like cocktail dresses and making it in bright colors.