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Bimba y Lola #thisisSPEED

Bimba y Lola is one of my favorite brands ever.

Their new F-W 17/18 campaign is everything I expected it to be.

Placed in what appears to be a salt mine whit white texturized walls is the perfect cold rocky background for their fall winter campaign.

Highlighting the bright metallic colors of the collection and intervening the natural space with glitter, spray paint and mirrors.

All eyes point the clothes, and accessories, but you can’t avoid noticing a calm confident woman.

White, yellow, copper, pink and blue are the primary colors; I can’t wait to watch the entire collection.

Last but not least the campaign shoot was in hand of the masters Synchrodogs; adding a new Bimba y Lola work to their books.

I personally can describe this campaign in three words harmonic, minimal and stylish.

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