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New Year

A new year has just begun and I’m so exited about it! Not just because it’s also my birthday but I have a great thing for new beginnings and freshen up.

Last year was a great year for me full of changes, I left my dream job, I moved to Madrid with the love of my life and I started my master degree in Fashion Communication.

Even though it wasn’t easy to leave my family and friends behind I’ve met the most wonderful people in Madrid from all over the world and from Mexico.

I feel full of energy and as almost everyone I have my New Year resolutions, I want to share with you a few and really hope to do my best to keep them all year long in my mind and make them true.

  1. Enjoy every day even if it’s a hard day.

  2. Love me as I am even my flaws, nobody is perfect.

  3. Never stop running and working out, not only for having a better body also for my health and mind.

  4. Eating better and enjoying food without regrets.

  5. Create; never stop creating content, photos, outfits, designs and posts.

  6. Learn from every experience even if it’s a bad experience.

  7. Reading more and enjoying that moment.

  8. Love.

  9. Age with grace. (Next year I’ll turn 30)

  10. Respect.

I really wish you the best and may all your dreams and New Year resolutions come true.

Shirt and blazer: H&M, Pants and shoes: Zara, Scarf: ERDEM x H&M

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