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La Vie en Jaune

Yellow has become one of my favorite colors; I didn’t realize it until I got here, when I was doing my suitcases all I could think about was the heat of the summer; I knew the winter would come eventually but I’m not good at packing winter clothes, it’s always hard to make THE decisions; during the depuration I end up choosing more than 10 sweaters, off course I had not sufficient spare space in my suitcases to bring that many, after trying to fit them in my husbands suitcase I gave up and realized I could bring only 2 of them.

At the moment I didn’t give it much thought, if a really needed more sweaters I could easily go to Zara in Madrid and buy new ones, so I packed literally 2 yellow sweaters, I completely forgot about a simple basic black one or grey, my favorite ones are yellow.

Simple as that when the cold started to showed I realize that both sweaters were yellow, can`t believe I left behind so many neutral ones, that’s what happens when you have to pack for a year in two weeks and two suitcases.

Eventually my dear friend Rodrigo brought me a suitcase when he came to Madrid with basic sweaters I left behind and other things I forgot; but before his arrival I decided not to buy any sweaters to prove my self I can be creative enough and wear them in different ways.

For the first time in my life I tuck in a sweater on my jeans, cant believe I never did that before, I guess I thought I would look like a Michelin man, I love the result I add a fresh and stylish look to an oversize sweater, I added a belt two scale a bit the look and black “python” ankle boots.

I will be trying new ways to wear my yellow sweater and to tuck them in.

Let me know what you think about me posting my creative looks with the same clothes.

Sweater: Express, Jeans, belt and shoes: Zara, Sunglasses: Ray-ban

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