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Varsity Jacket

Ever since Anuar Layon launched his now ultra famous Mexico Is the Shit varsity jacket, it has become a uniform for Mexicans and a synonym of unity.

When I did my suitcases for Madrid, I saw mine and had no doubt about bringing it but, I love that all I could think about was: So many new places to take pictures with it and be posted in their media…not because I want to be famous or something like that just because I’m proud to travel around the world and scream I’m Mexican and become part of a community of proud Mexicans.

It’s funny how I’m not the only one doing this, my friend Rodrigo did the same with his jacket and I have another friend here from Mexico that wore hers on September for the Mexico’s Independence Day.

I’m glad to have brought it and I will post it as many times as possible because it is not just a trend it is a movement and we can not let this pass, we have to keep showing everyone that being Mexican is awesome.

T-shirt: Zara, Jacket: Mexico Is The Shit, Jeans: American Eagle, Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs, Tights: Oysho,

Shoes: Nike

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