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Nike Air Force 1

Ever since I started my master I’ve become more creative about my outfits; do you remember me a month ago? Looking for photographers? Well now I have new friends from my master that where looking for the same and now we’ve made a group of bloggers/students/photographers and we take our pictures before class.

I’ve never thought taking pictures of our outfits where going to be this much fun, we get together and look for the perfect spot for each personality and outfit; now our looks are real we are actually dressed this way all day long, I have to tell you the truth sometime it’s hard to keep it real and you have to do many outfits in one day but now we have the time and a great group to help each other.

I have called this post Nike Air Force 1 because that’s my favorite sneaker model ever, every chance I have, I try to buy the newest version of it; these are the last ones I bought before coming to Madrid, it’s high ankle and black leathery finish are the best, I love how urban and masculine they can be.

For a casual day at school I choose to wear them with my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans (if you haven’t noticed) and a shirt/sweater, yes shirt/sweater they are sewed together, I love this kind of simple easy wear garments.

My friend chose this spot and I like it.

What do you think? Let me know.

Shirt and jeans: Zara, Sneakers: Nike

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