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Last Summer Day

Summer is finally gone!

We are in the middle of October and I can officially say it is autumn.

This is my last summer post; the last day I wore shorts. It is amazing how weather changes from one day to the other, literally two weeks ago I was melting on the streets of Madrid and now I’m regretting not bringing more sweaters.

Even though it’s autumn I will be wearing this shorts with tights and boots, you’ll see how summer clothes can become winter clothes by just adapting them.

I also like this post because it represents my last post before starting my Master; yes I’m in Madrid to do Master Degree in Fashion Communication, I started last week and I’m so happy to be here, all my teachers and new friends are amazing, I will try to tell you more about it on future post.

I hope you like this combination of shorts, ankle boots and shirt, remember I will be posting looks repeating garments since I don’t have much clothes here, I probably will end up buying some stuff but, I’m trying to show you why you don’t need a big closet to look stylish.

If you have any questions feel free to write me!

Shirt: Stradivarius,Shorts and shoes: Zara

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