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Rabbit Ears

This is my third post in collaboration with my dear friend Ana; I called this post Rabbit Ears after these Caralarga earrings named “Orejas de Conejo”.

Ana played with the same makeup base, adding a wine purple lipstick, now that the seasons are changing your makeup should too and become more autumn, darker lip colors and nails, also your skin should be lighter, it’s not an obligation but it’s fun to match with the different season color palettes.

In order to give all the attention to my makeup and earrings I changed my hairdo into a messy low bun.

This makeup and hair are perfect for an autumn wedding, it’s fresh and with the right outfit and accessories you’ll look fantastic and effortless.

Let me know if you try it!

We still have two posts in collaboration with Ana to come, wait for them!

Photos: @ximeroos

Accessories: Caralarga

Palazzo: Duo de Mar

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