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Morning Routine

Welcome to my first beauty post on Elemental!

From now on I’ll be posting beauty tips and trends!

I decided that it was a good idea to start with my daily morning beauty routine; it’s pretty simple only 5 steps before living home or applying makeup.

1.First of al Cleansing! I scrub and clean my face on a daily basis, I have neutral skin but for me is a must do.

2.Then Mist! After softly drying my skin with a clean cotton towel I leave it air dry for 10 min minimum and then I apply this energizing mist, it freshens up my skin before a rough day out in the polluted city.

3.Boost your skin! This cream rich on Vitamin C gives to my skin a smoother glow and hydrates it, it is perfect to start your day.

4.Hydrate! This is my favorite beauty product ever! I discover it when I lived in Milan thanks to my best friend; I use it literally for everything, to hydrate dry skin, on my lips, on my hands, on my nails, feet, everywhere.

5.Protect! I never ever ever go out without applying sunblock, even at night (habit) I few years ago I found out I have Vitiligo, my skin is really sensitive to the sun, ever since I use Sunblock in my face and hand everyday.

Cleanser: Bioré, Face Mist: The Body Shop, Smoother: The Body Shop, Creme: Eucerin,

Sunblock: La Roche-Posay

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