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Bleached Sand

I always wanted to write about beauty, I have daily beauty rituals but they are so simple that it felt like I had nothing to share…

My dear friend Ana Gomez wrote me a few week ago and told me she wanted to do a makeup collaboration with me, what a perfect timing, now I have a reason to write about beauty and share it with you guys.

As you may know by now I don’t usually wear much makeup so this was a challenge for both Ana and me, she knows me so well we’ve been friends for almost 10 years, she wanted to create a natural look for me and I let her do her job without telling her what I like and what to do.

Since it’s my first beauty post I wanted to do it like a pro, I lend some accessories from one of my favorite Mexican brands Caralarga and wore Duo de Mar.

Ana got inspired by my light skin color and the creamy cotton of this necklace and palazzo; she used a light base in order to avoid covering my freckles, she knows I love them so much, then she cut piece by piece the fake lashes to make them look more natural, marked my brows and put on a copper smoky eye shadow palate.

She gave glow to my face and finally put on me a nude lipstick.

I’m so happy we did this beauty editorial, I love how natural and fresh I look, I never felt more like me wearing makeup.

I’ll be launching pretty soon a new section on my blog where I’ll be posting the process of these photos and some beauty tips.

I hope you like this post! I will be uploading more makeup editorials by Ana and me, wait for them!

Accesories: Caralarga, Palazzo: Duo de Mar

Photos: @ximeroos

Makeup: Ana Gofe

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