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Lace & Suede

After one year of planning, weeks packing, a ten hour flight and tons of paperwork. I´m finally in my new home, Madrid.

I really tried to keep you posted but I only had time to think about packing; I will do a post about packing later; it’s really hard, when I lived in Milan I was younger and had no idea of anything, I did my suitcase the day before leaving to Italy, I was crazy!

I must say I didn’t enjoy packing but I’m glad I planned everything and learned to leave behind some of my favorites clothes.

Beside of leaving my home I abandoned a little my blog, I have many posts ready to be uploaded and new sections on Elemental such as beauty though I did had time to do a few beauty editorial that will be posting really soon (I hope).

I´m one step forward I´m finally uploading my Acapulco look, if you follow me on Instagram I went there a few weeks ago for a bachelorette party.

Acapulco is one of the most iconic bays in México, its glorious decade was during the 50’s and it feels like those years are coming back.

Clubbing is one of the biggest attractions in Acapulco and of course I couldn’t miss a night out with the gals.

I don`t like to be overdress when I’m at the beach and neither to be underdressed, I like to find a balance, I have one rule.

1.Less is more

You are at the beach, you don’t need much makeup, you are suntanned and it will eventually come down because you’re sweating. I don’t suntan but somehow you always get a natural sunglow, don’t cover it.

Lips or eyes, never both, I’m more of a lipstick kind of gal.

Embrace you hair, I did not apply wax on my hair, I got out from the shower and comb my hair back, off course a few hours later my waves awakened and end up with messy curly hair, but that‘s part of the charm of the beach.

Shorts are always a good idea, as you may know by now I not much into dresses and skirts they make me feel a bit uncomfortable, and when I´m at the beach I have to concentrate on many things like sweat, sunscreen, waves, and it’s too complicated adding a skirt.

And Finally… shoes, always wear confortable shoes, that doesn’t mean you have to wear flats but a good pair of mules will do, I insist you are at the beach not in a cosmopolitan city, in my opinion you don’t need a pair of stilts to be noticed.

It’s all about simplicity.

I promise I’ll try to post more often and to upload the last posts I did in my country.

Top, shorts and shoes: Zara, Earrings: H&M, Lipstick: MAC

Photos: @ximeroos

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