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Red Dress Strappy Shoes

I`m making a few changes on my blog, in my personal and professional life and I’m moving away from my dear Mexico, I’m about to start a new chapter in my life…

I have a big basket full of lemons and I’m going to make lemonade.

This gorgeous silky dress is one of my favorite garments at the time; it’s fearless and versatile it gives me power and confidence, of course I’ll bring it with me to this new life experience.

A few days ago I started packing, oh packing… what a puzzle.

I usually do a mental mood board with ideas and styles I want to have during that period of time, but generally I’m packing for a week or so, no big harm in that, this time is different, I have to pack for at least a year!

What to do?

I started by choosing my coats, even though is still summer, coats are big, necessary and the hardest to pack, I call it a “depuration” that melancholic moment where you have to be tough on you, you can’t fly away and bring 10 coats with you (unless you are willing to pay a lot for extra carriage) I will pack only two cases; I can do it.

After separating my favorite coats I still had 5 or 6 (I love coats) I did a new depuration by eliminating the patterned coats, they’re so cool but when you are moving to another country you have to think simple, I end up with 3 coats, a black one, a camel one and a checked one, I know I said no patterns but a checked coat is just as classic as a camel or black coat.

Then I did the dress depuration, I don´t have many but I can`t bring them all, I usually don`t wear dresses but I’m about to change that specially when I’ll be able to wear them during the summer and winter I just have to add a pair of black tights.

During depuration process I found this dress and decided it was worth to do a post with it, I like to wear my clothes until I’m tired of it, I don’t think you have to wear it just one time just because people already saw you on it, I believe that if you wear more than 3 or 4 times the same garment you are sowing people how versatile you are.

I end up with four dresses this one a black flowered caftan, a little black dress, a mint green tulle dress and a jumpsuit (for me that counts as a dress).

I haven’t finished packing but I`m halfway there, on monday I separated my jeans and I’ve been wearing them all week to make a wise decision, jeans are heavy and hard to depurate.

I’ll be posting this crazy process; tomorrow I’ll start with purses and jackets.

I’ll leave shoes and accessories last; they’re the hardest.

I’ll keep you posted.

Wish me luck.

Dress: Zara, Shoes: Steve Madden

Photos: @ximeroos

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