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During my trip to Bucerías, Nayarit I discovered some of their “secret” painted murals.

This mural reminds me of the kaleidoscope rulers I used to play with as a child, the infinite lines and almost perfect symmetry is outstanding, I have always loved symmetry, and the colors are perfect for this outfit, it gives me peace.

Shirts are my favorite garments, especially when they have special features, the Colombian designer Johanna Ortiz was the mastermind behind this trend; she intervened shirts by cutting them, making them falling over the shoulders, inflating the sleeves; becoming the creator of a new wave of shirts.

She’s now one of my favorite designers, I must say I still don’t have a “Johanna’s” shirt (lets hope I can buy many any time soon) but Zara as always has launched its own versions of this kind of shirts, and I love it, they are on a pretty accessible price range and come in different colors and prints.

When it comes to shirts white is my favorite color then French blue and blue stripped, from time to I like to buy new patterns and colors, I tell you this because my closet has an algorithm white (60%), blue (20%), blue stripes (10%), denim (5%), blouses (2.5%), etc. (2.5%) I just know what I like.

This warp red stripped top is a “Top Sale “at Zara, I have seen it on at least 10 people since I bought it, I have to say I copied this shirt to my sister (of course after she approved) but who cares? I like it, I have it, and I wear it.

For my trip I wore this shirt with a pair of faux suede short I bought on sale at Zara and black pointed-toe flats.

I don’t like to wear much makeup; sometimes I just put on some lipstick, curl my eyelashes and do my eyebrows. I like a natural look.

I hope you try this summer look and forget about how many people have the same garments as you.

Shirt and shorts: Zara, Shoes: H&M, Lipstick: MAC

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