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For the past few weeks I`ve been obsessed with fishnet tights and socks, I love how stylish and risky they can be.

I usually wear them under ripped jeans in order to show just details of the tights on my knees or ankles, but this time I wanted to try them in a totally different way.

I bought this oversize black t-shirt/dress a few years ago, but never actually wore it since I feel like 100 pounds heavier; I only wore it in the summer in the comfort of my house.

I always knew that this t-shirt was going to make an appearance in my blog eventually but never like this…

I already had on my fishnets and like jigsaw puzzle my denim skirt matched perfectly over my maxi t-shirt! I love the harmony between both garments; it might feel like I gave it a lot of thought before wearing it but this look is totally ME.

I don’t care what people might think about this look I feel comfortable and I like it.

We should really stop caring about what people think.

I hope you like this outfit and try a risky look, you’ll feel amazing.

T-shirt: H&M, Skirt: Pacsun, Tights: Oysho, Shoes: Zara

Photos: @ximeroos

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