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Denim Skirt

I remember how badly I regret giving away all my denim skirts!

The moment denim became the fabric of the moment I wished denim mini skirts came back in style, as pencil denim skirts, denim shirts or overalls did.

Finally the day has arrived!

When it comes to buying skirt, it’s really hard (at least for me) pencils aren’t my best look since mi hips are smaller than my waist; I have an apple body shape, and my legs are really thin I tempt to look like a cake pop, lol.

After many years of buying clothes and working in fashion I realized that even if you have a body type that supposedly don’t go with a garment you should try it any way.

It takes more time to find your perfect match but in the end you’ll be happy with your new purchase.

I bought this skirt at Pacsun, the last place I thought I could find the perfect denim skirt for me.

I started off course at American Eagle, they had many choices but the low waits cut is not the must flattering cut for my body since it highlights my belly and they where extra mini, I like to show some skin from time to time but I felt uncomfortable since I had to be really careful of not showing my underwear, then I went to Abercrombie and Hollister and almost the same thing happened, I was about to give up when I decided to go to Pacsun (one of my favorite stores, I love their bralettes and accessories) and BAM! they had only one kind of denim mini skirt, I took 2 to the dressing room ( I always do that, you never know) one in my size and the other one in a bigger size, I tried the one in my size and it fitted perfectly!

What I loved the most about this skirt is the high rise and the distressed end.

For my fist post (on the blog I already posted on my Instagram several times) I wore my denim skirt with a plain oversize t-shirt a pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and a navy kerchief.

I hope you like this look, it`s perfect for the hot summer!

T-Shirt: Benetton, Skirt: Pacsun, Kerchief: Levi`s, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Shoes: Nike

Photos: @ximeroos

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