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Yellow Skirt

As you may know by now I love H&M’s special collections such as Studio, Kenzo or Conscious Exclusive.

H&M is improving each year their working conditions, impact to the environment and sustainability in order to become 100% climate positive by using new technologies and better fabrics.

Their latest collection was beautiful, full of texture, feminine and yet casual.

Skirts and dresses where the “big star” of this Conscious Exclusive collection, tulle, yellow and pink the supporting roll, I felt for everything I couldn’t help but buying this gorgeous yellow skirt and a tulle dress that I’ll be wearing to my cousin’s wedding.

When it comes to mini skirts I’m not usually confortable since I’m not the kind of girl that knows how to behave in them, I have to be extra careful and precautious, that’s why I always try to wear confortable shoes so my focus goes only to the mini.

I must say that the last weeks in Mexico City have been crazy hot and I have take advantage of this to wear this skirt, I like how versatile it is, I wore it to fashion week with a over the shoulder shirt and this time I tried it with a oversize T-shirt that I stole from my hubby, I repeated the shoes but I like how different it looks just by changing the top.

I hope this look helps you on how to avoid melting down.

T-Shirt: Benetton, Skirt: H&M Conscious Exclusive, Shoes: Bimba y Lola, Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs

Photos: @ximeroos

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