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H&M Studio Part II

The sneaker trend is still dominating the street style; don't loose the chance to be confortable.

When I bought my pajama look from the H&M Studio collection I had to figure out different ways to wear it without looking like portrait, when you buy a look so memorable sometime it’s hard to create innovative looks and you just end up keeping it in the back of your closet and finally giving it away after wearing it just a few times.

The first time I wore the total pajama look with a pair of glitter ankle boots, after that with black sneakers and a blue and yellow fur neck and this time I decided to switch for a black shirt, white sneakers and just the bottom of my pj`s.

Maybe it`s bit risky to wear sneakers with pj`s since you might look underdressed but I decide to give it a try, it`s always good to take the leap.

I love the result, a sporty outfit with a stylish twist, the black shirt has cutouts on the sleeves witch makes it look more fashionable, the silky fabric of my pajama pants upgrades the look and off course the sneaker brings a careless vibe.

I’ll try to upload more ideas on how to wear it on my Instagram.

I hope you like it!

Shirt: H&M Studio, Pants: H&M Studio, Sneakers: Nike Sport

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