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Velvet Bomber

One of my favorite trends of 2016 was the bomber jacket; it simply adds a cool vibe to every look, especially when it’s made of purple velvet.

My days are in constant change, since I`m usually on and off stores making the looks for my shootings I normally wear confortable clothes and sneakers, a bomber jacket adds style to my look and stops me from making me feel underdress for my job.

Sometimes while I get inspired to dress people my brain gets dry and don’t have any inspiration left for my self, a sporty effortless look is perfect for those days, I just add a messy hair bun an some lipstick and “presto”.

Wearing confortable clothes doesn’t mean looking like a hobo try to always keep your sneakers clean, it is not the easiest task ever but once you are used to cleaning them after wearing them you will never regret it.

I hope you like this confortable look.

T-shirt: H&M, Bomber: Bershka, Jeans: True Religion, Shoes: Zara, Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs

Photos: @ximeroos

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