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It feels like is 1997 all over again!

1997 was a great year to remember, I was a huge fan of the Spice Girls but also loved Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt, The Wallflowers, The Smashing Pumpkins among other cool bands, since I grew up watching MTV with my big brother and sister we developed an obsession with music videos, “literally video killed the radio star”, we also loved MTV’s crazy cartoons like Daria and Ren and Stimpy, I`m glad we got to watch MTV in its glorious moment.

I never missed the MTV Music Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards and the MTV Movie Awards they where the coolest events of the year, the red carpets were crazy and the music shows were the best.

It´s been 20 years since 1997 I can’t believe how fast time goes by I feel sort of melancholic but I have always been the kind of person who wants to grow, when I was little I always imagined what I was going to do as a grownup I always loved fashion so I played with my Barbie dolls and re-designed all their clothes and redid their makeup (once one of them lost an eye on the process) as I grew up I started doing runways and shootings with my cousins and did their makeup and “designed “ their clothes, I kind of always imagined my life working in fashion, and that’s what I do, I`m not a fashion designer as I always thought but I think I will retake that road soon.

Sweater: Ppaayyss, Skirt: Mango, Boots: Zara

Photos/Fotos: @ximeroos

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