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Oversize Sleeves

One of my favorite trends for 2017 are oversize sleeves, maybe because I like everything oversize, I almost never wear skinny jeans any more, my favorite pair are boyfriends and of course my favorite jacket feels like one of my bother`s so this trend feels like a perfect fit.

For casual day I always try to feel confortable and to look natural.

I swore myself years ago that I was never going to be slave of wearing makeup or Photoshoping my self; I can proudly say that I almost never wear makeup and never ever ever use Photoshop on me (I only change the light and stuff like that) I made that promise when I was 15 years old and I loved to wear tons of liner, after doing some changes in my life I decided to love my self at every moment in my life, even when I`m sad or not wearing any makeup at all.

Of course I’m not saying I hate makeup, I actually love it, I have literally at least 20 tones of red lipsticks (my favorite lip color), I love mascara, brow liner and liquid eyeliner, I never wear foundation because it covers my freckles which I love by the way, my beauty secret: sunblock everyday.

One of my favorite beauty hacks is Benefit’s Rose-tinted lip and cheek stain I just put a few drops on my lips and I’m ready to go, I must say I`m also wearing mascara and brow liner.

It is not a battle against makeup or people who loves makeup; I just want to like every aspect of me when I look in the mirror.

To achieve a chill look I wore boyfriend jeans, a classic blue shirt with oversize sleeves and a pair of black ankle booties.

Shirt: Zara, T-shirt: H&M, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Zara

Photos/Fotos: @ximeroos

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