Face in my sweater

I`m obsessed with the Mexican brand PAAYYSS they have the most amazing sweaters ever, with tons of color and the warmest wool.

I like this particular one because it has a face on it; a face that reminds me of the 90’s somehow it feels familiar, don’t really know why.

Maybe because my mom used to dress me up like this when I was little, with a pair of big jeans (we didn’t had many options as kids today) a sweater (normally inherited by my brother) with primary colors on it and a pair of white Converse.

I just realized that this look it’s just a reinterpretation of what I used to wear as a kid!

I’m literally laughing! Even my hair is so 90`s too, I used my deep wave curling iron to style it up.

I didn`t planned to write about a 90’s look I wanted to talk about the face in my sweater but I believe it’s more interesting that as I was writing I literally discovered that my outfit looks taken out of a the show Saved by the bell.

I hope you like it and try to discover that you can travel in time without knowing.

Estoy obsesionada con la marca mexicana PAAYYSS, tienen los suéteres más cool de la historia con muchísimo color y la mejor lana.

Me gusta este suéter en particular por que tiene una cara; una cara que me recuerda a los 90, de alguna forma me es familiar, no entiendo realmente por qué.

Puede ser por que mi mamá me vestía así de pequeña, con un par de jeans grandes (no teníamos tantas opciones como los niños de ahora) un suéter ( normalmente heredado de mi hermano) con colores primarios y un par de Converse blancos.