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Millenium Park

This year was amazing; I planned the wedding of my dreams with the man of my dreams and had the most amazing honeymoon in the world.

I also had the best bachelorette party with my best friends in the world whom I love so so much.

I got to travel with my brothers and sister to Chicago and had best time ever with them; our first and (hope not) our last trip only the four of us.

I re-realized I have the most amazing parents in the world that showed me their support this complicated year.

This year I also got into EstiloDF and got to work every day with the most amazing team in the world.

I´m surrounded by amazing people and I meet every day more amazing people.

I love that besides having an awesome job and planning a wedding I always tried to fins some time to write on my beloved blog.

I hope next year is as amazing as 2015.

I wish you a very Happy New Year!

Love, Dan Redz.


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