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Last month was my 28th birthday and my baby brother gave me this sweater.

I’m amazed how well he knows me.

Although it starts to feel warm in Mexico it’s never to late to wear sweaters, I love how stylish yet casual a big sweater can be, I usually would wear it with a pair of sneaker but it’s being a long time since I wore this pair of cutout heels and I must say I love the result.

I bought this pair of shoes on my last trip to Chicago; I find them really confortable and timeless, just like my sweater, they seem from the 90’s but they have a contemporary design line.

In order to add a twits to my “retro” look I wore this pair of 501 Levi’s that I customized at the Levi’s store, I ripped them just in the right spots, sometimes I feel that brands don´t think about comfort and make holes in our jeans in places where they shouldn’t be; I love spikes specially gold spikes, I created this sort of pattern and they seem to be falling from my pocket, I also cut the bottom of my jeans; it felt right since I´m not tall at all and it’s such a big trend right now.

I had so much fun creating my own jeans I recommend you to customize yours.

Sweater: Goodbye Folk, Jeans: Levi's, Shoes: Topshop

Photos: @ximeroos

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