#MBFWMx Day 3

After the launch of the Massimo Dutti Online Store México I had to rush to get to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Day 3.

I was so lucky I got there pretty fast.

Alejandro Carlin

Sporty Chic, I loved the golden strapless pleated top.

Click here to watch the full collection.

Lydia Lavin.

Great and obvious Mexican inspiration, the details in wicker, reminded me of the traditional Mexican baskets that artisans sell in the street markets.

I loved how they played with colors on the swimsuits and the accessories.

I was surprised when I saw the wedding dress I wasn’t expecting it.

It made me think about mine, since getting married, I got really exited.

Click here to watch the full Collection.

Alejandra Quesada

Skirts and dresses took over the runway.

The fabrics where gorgeous, the way the flied and drooped was ultra feminine.

I like how she used different colors and materials to create the collection.

The design line is clearly about skirts.

Click here to watch the full Collection.


I love swimsuits specially Zingara swimsuits, the have a great variety of shapes and colors and they fit perfectly.

You can combine them and create your own style!

The collection by Zingara & Vitamin Water was colorful and sexy.

They used the Vitamin Water color palette to bring life to the catwalk and the swimsuits.

The models wore “penachos” and beautiful flower crowns.

Click here to watch the full Collection.

Sandra Weil

She is one of my favorites.

I like that she combines different materials and makes perfect harmony between them.

One of my favorite looks was the blue shirt with the white mini skirt with green details.

Click here to watch the full Collection.

Day 3 was so cool I had so much fun, I end up really tired but it was worth it.

Photos via Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mx


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