Massimo Dutti Online Store Mexico

On October the 7th 2014 Massimo Dutti launched their online store in Mexico, now we can enjoy the Massimo Dutti shopping experience from the commodity of our houses.

Last week I was invited to Presentation of the Massimo Dutti Online Store in Mexico at the restaurant Casa Virginia in la Colonia Roma.

I got there early, that happens to me all the time, I’m always too prepared for traffic and usually I avoid it.

When I got to Casa Virginia, a beautiful old house renewed and adapted to be a restaurant, everything was perfect. In the central room there were high white tables with computers on them where you could appreciate the Massimo Dutti backgrounds; the other rooms had tables on them and pictures of the campaign by Mario Testino.

The corner room was a show room with clothes, accessories and shoes of the fall collection, the Limited Edition Equestrian and The 689 Fifth Avenue Collection all displayed for us to know and to try.

While doing the tour a waiter got to me and gave me a drink mixed with Mezcal, it was delicious.

Then I got to a room with round tables and Iphones and Ipads on them, a model told me to have a sit and to open the Massimo Dutti App, I did, and I discovered a great experience where I could meet the new collections, see the materials and easily add products to my shopping cart.

I created an account and kept on looking the large catalog; I added three different ankle boots to my cart, I love Massimo Dutti shoes, but I had to choose only one!

I decided to buy the “689 Fifth Avenue Collection” special edition Antic Studded Ankle Booties.

After my shopping experience I sat on my table. I happened to meet really nice people in this lunch, I talked to them for a while and then I got to the buffet, the appetizers where amazing cheese and fig, small pastry pizzas, Foi Gras with sweet apples, delicious.

The second course was delicious to, Lamb, one of my favorites with Potatoes all seasoned in a chili and olive sauce.

Finally dessert, it was a buffet too, chocolate pie, chocolate brownie, and meringues with berries coulee. I ordered the meringues whit a cup of coffee, I needed a dose of caffeine before heading to Fashion week.

After an amazing culinary and shopping experience I had to go…

This online store experience was amazing, it was a completely new experience to me, I'm not used to buy online but I realized that it is really easy and safe, besides you can find a great variety of items that sometimes you can’t find in stores, especially the Limited Editions.

I got my new boots two days later, but I will tell you more about it in a new post!

To buy in the Massimo Dutti Online Store you can download the App for IOS and Android or simply visit the web page


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