#MBFWMx Day 2

My first fashion show!

Pineda Covalin

I love this brand; it is known for its amazing silk scarfs, they use Mexican, American and Latin American tradition as inspiration and they play with color and complement it with creative patterns.

For the Spring-Summer 2015 collection they collaborated with the French architect and fashion designer Cihua.

Cihua added geometric shapes into the clothing line, since she’s an architect she likes to play with squares and rectangles and integrate them as the image of the skyline of a city into the clothes.

She contrasted the plain black and white geometric shapes with pieces of the classic silk line of Pineda Covalin and they added the essence of the brand to the minimalistic clothes.

I really liked the collection, Cihua gave a new look to the brand and made it look more wearable.

Click here to watch the full Collection.

Pink Magnolia

The Spring-Summer 2015 of Pink Magnolia was delicious, literally!

Every single piece of the collection reminded me of cup cake store, all frosted in sweet fabrics and colors.

Paola Wong used pastels, tulle, pink, and a few feminine and colorful patterns on her dresses, tops and bottoms creating a very feminine image of women.

I’ve mentioned that my favorite pattern is stripes and this time I could appreciate this pattern in combination with more stripes, with details of pink flowers, gorgeous!

She used flowered patterns to accentuate even more the feminity, I will be glad to try those looks, I’m not to feminine but… when I do want to look girly I like to do it the Pink Magnolia way, very feminine.

Click here to watch the full Collection.


Urban looks inspired in the 50’s.

The Spring-Summer 2015 collection renewed classic clothes into an urban look, for the women’s collection the pencil skirt and the pleated skirt were a main character in this runway in combination of feminine and modern tops.

For the men’s collection they used classic jackets with bright and innovative colors in combination with colorful t-shirts.

I must say I found a few pieces that I will love to wear, specially the pleated beige skirt.

Click here to watch the full Collection.

David Salomon


White and sequins I just need to say that.

I’m so into white right now, David did it so right, I love the evolution of with into pastels and sequins.

I would have avoided the beige and yellow, I like the collection but it doesn’t follow a same design line.

Click here to watch the full Collection.

Adolfo Domínguez

For the first time the Spanish designer launched his Spring-summer collection in Mexico City.

The designer has a great appreciation for Mexico.

His collection showed his roots, most of his pieces were crafted in linen, the material that he and his family used to manufacture.

I Love the classic design line and the professional and independent look he gave to the women’s clothing line.

Black is one of my favorite colors and I like to wear it timelessly. He did it perfectly, a color that is usually related to winter and cold, looks fresh and sexy for Spring-Summer.

Click here to watch the full Collection.

Day 2 was awesome, I had such a great time, and for the first time in my life I attended this many fashion shows in one day.

Photos via Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico


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