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#MBFWMx Day 1


Last month I applied to cover the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico, a few weeks later I got the big news! Elemental by Dan Redz was accepted and I had to go pick up my Blogger credentials to enter to the shows, I felt so professional and of course proud.

For the first time I was invited to the biggest fashion event in Mexico, I will be posting my experience day by day of my journey as a blogger, covering the fashion week, I hope you enjoy it.

Foro de Ideas Ciel

Mercedes-Benz and the water brand “Ciel” organized a conference day for the students of fashion schools in Mexico, the itinerary included two of the designers presenting their collections and other important fashion personalities, such as fashion editors and model agents, all promoting fashion in Mexico.

Adolfo Domínguez

Adolfo Domínguez is a Spanish designer who comes from a family of tailors; he has built up the family business and has made a name internationally with his clothing line.

In his lecture Adolfo talked about the construction of his pieces and the importance of comfort in his clothes.

Adolfo talked about the influence of two Italian brands, when he was young visiting Milan he was walking by Via della Spiga, and he found a store in which he felt for the pieces and the design line, and how this tailor used the fabrics and gave them life. This store was owned by Giorgio Armani, the other store was owned by Gianni Versace, both designers inspired him to keep on working on the family business and to integrate the elegance of an Italian tailor.

He and his family opened a linen store in which they mainly sold linen shirts. Sadly for them people started to complain about the wrinkles in the fabric and returning the shirts; they explained to their clients the uneasy nature of the fabric and the reason for the wrinkling. Then, they started using the phrase “La arruga es bella” (the wrinkle is beautiful) this motto has been a part of the brand for years, appreciate the nature of the textile and embrace it.

“Clothes are a second skin, we dress to get appreciated to provoke desire and seduction.” Adolfo Domínguez

Adolfo adviced us, the new generation of designers and fashion workers, to don’t forget the technicality, to learn the essence of the job, and to experience the new technologies. He used as an example his niece, Gala Gonzales, one of the most influential and iconic fashion bloggers in the world and how his own daughter has introduced him into the social networking.

Finally he told us to take risks, without taking a risk you’ll never know if your are adequate for the job, once you are in you just have to show your talents to grow.


“Sustainable Fashion” Jorge Duque

Colombian designer specialized in sustainable fashion design.

He was the winner of the first season of Project Runway Latin America and then became a mentor in the same show a few seasons later.

In his lecture Jorge Duque talked about the importance of using sustainable material and new technologies to have a minor impact to the environment.

He explained that his is not proposing to use garbage as clothes literally, he propose is to try new textiles made by materials not ordinarily used to make fabrics, like PET.

Jorge concluded by letting us know that he does not hate the other designers, he respects each one of them, he is just working on his project and trying to inspire other brands to have conscience about the process and the impact of the making of their clothes to the environment and the manufactures.


“Más allá de la Belleza Perfecta” Pablo Antón and David Souza

Pablo Antón is the founder of New Icon and David Souza is the founder of Paragon both are some of the biggest model managing agencies in Mexico, they have opened the doors to many Mexican talented girls into the international fashion world.

In their lecture they talked about the journey of finding beauty. But what is beauty?

David explained that nowadays there is no beauty pattern, today every one can be beautiful; but if you want to be a model you must have certain characteristics as height, size, weight to become a model.

In the 90’s the beauty pattern was obvious, blondes with perfect teeth and nice breasts, a classic American beauty. But David showed us the different types of beauty that the designers are looking for, gaped teeth, freckles and big noses, among another qualities that used to be taboos.

Pablo talked about that as a model agency sometimes you have to help the client (the designers) to figure out what they want to represent, they guide the designer to find the perfect model for their brand to develop a mood. This task is not always easy because sometimes the client is attached to a specific idea.

They finished by telling us about how difficult it can be to be a model. It is not only a beautiful face, it is about commitment and desire to grow and become international; they have to learn new languages, to adapt to different time zones, weathers, and be tough because the modeling world can be raw.

They both have websites where anyone can apply to become a model, if you are trying to become a model don’t be shy and give it a shot.


“La Versatilidad de la Moda en los Medios” Ariadne Grant and Ana Victoria Taché

Ariadne Grant is the fashion editor of Marie Claire México and Latin America and Ana Victoria is the fashion editor of Cosmopolitan México and Latin America.

They both have dream jobs, they get to advice women on what tendencies are coming and the perfect looks for every season. This is my sister’s dream job. To develop in this area you must really understand women. Both magazines are very different and they have different readers.

Cosmo’s readers are from 20 to 40 years old, and they talk about independent women with open-minded spirit and great interest in tendencies and tips for their personal and professional life.

Marie Claire is for readers from 30 to 45, who have an established life, they are professionals, independent and economically stable; they focus in their careers but also in their personal lives, they like to dress up for every occasion and the magazine is their biggest adviser.

Both editors described us the hard work to develop an editorial, especial Cosmo since they launch a magazine every 15 days.

Ariadne gave us a great tip, to choose, what we want to do, to know our talents and when we are in a job interview to say what we are good at. If you are looking for a job in a magazine learn the different areas and choose one, then develop your career in that area.


“Moda Conceptual” Malafacha

Francisco Saldaña Fashion Designer for the Mexican brand Malafacha talked about concept fashion. We traveled through time to identify the different iconic dresses and tendencies that have made history and have immortalized the evolution of women independence.

Francisco concluded by telling us the importance to have a concept in fashion design, sometimes you can easily identify it and sometimes you don’t, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not there.


Day 1 was so much fun, I learned so much, and really appreciated to be part of the fashion growth in Mexico.

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