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Last Touch of Sun


Last weekend I had my niece’s baptism in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Gudalajara is one of the most important cities in Mexico, actually many things that represent Mexico in the world come from this beautiful area of the country, Mariachi bands, Tequila, not the drink but the magical town that gave name to this wolrd famous spirit is very nearby, even Barragan, the most famous Mexican architect was born here, and it’s cuisine, oh I love the traditional dishes.

Guadalajara is a great place, when you visit you have to try the famous “Tortas Ahogadas” they have tons of places where you can find them but the best ones are in Las Cuatro Esquinas (the four corners) la “Torta Ahogada” (literally drowned sandwich) is a sandwich filled with carnitas (deep fried pork) dipped in a delicious velvety tomato and chili sauce but the secret is in their bread, a bread that you can only find in Guadalajara that is called birote.

One of my favorite places to eat is Lonches Karlos a restaurant that sels “Lonches Bañados” a kind of sandwich made with the same bread as tortas ahogadas and that is also dipped in a tomato sauce with chili but they add sour cream to it and this changes everything as it get’s creamier and milder and tastier, I just love it!

Guadalajara is really hot most of the time, I took advantage of this to wear my mint skirt, I found this gorgeous embroided skirt in Zara a few week ago on sale!

I was looking for a pencil skirt since the summer started, I wasn’t lucky, the ones I found looked funny on me, since I`m a petite girl that shape usually makes me look even smaller, but not this time, when I tried on my pencil mint skirt it looked great on me and I got even happier when I realize that the size I was trying on was a Small instead of a Medium, I thought “my diet is working”.

After falling for this skirt I had to find a shirt, I didn’t had any idea of what kind shirt I wanted so I started looking in the sales area, I didn’t wanted to spend much money on my outfit and if you are lucky you can find incredible things.

Finally I encountered a girly white peplum blouse, what I liked the most of this blouse was that it highlights my waist and the ruffle on the bottom fits flawlessly whit my skirt.

When I was choosing my outfit for this event I remembered that a few year ago I bought in Aldo a pair of white pumps, I had worn them two times at the most, I’m not a big fan of white shoes but now they are so in style that I had to give them a try. What a great choice! They looked incredible and their shape is timeless.

To finish my look I added a brown leather clutch to contrast the color and my transparent-translucent shades.

This time it was a just quick trip to Guadalajara but I hope to go back soon to tell you more about this amazing city.

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My Look

Skirt: Zara, Blouse: Zara, Shoes:Aldo, Clutch: Massimo Dutti, Sunglasses: Zara.

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Photos by MarcJavelly

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