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New Look Same Clothing IV


My brother is a huge fan of Wes Anderson’s movies, he has seen them all and he has them all.

What he likes the most of his movies is the stories, how they develop in a very intricate way with an incredible visual appeal (I must say that’s also what I like the most of his movies). His movies have great design in all aspects, scenery, costume, character, objects, among other amazing things.

One of his favorite Wes Anderson’s movies is “Life Aquatic whit Steve Zissou” with Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Anjelica Huston, Cate Blanchet and other incredible actors.

When he saw this movie, he couldn’t help but notice that the crew of the Belafonte (that was the name of captain Zissou’s ship) had great style.

When someone becomes part of the Belafonte’s crew they are welcomed by Captain Zissou with a uniform kit that includes a red beanie, blue sweat pants and a special pair of sneakers, (they had tons of spare kits at Pescespada Island) Zissou and the whole crew owned this Zissou Adidas sneakers in a beautiful combination of two shades of blue and yellow, my brother wanted a pair for himself.

He started looking on the internet if Adidas actually sold this model of sneakers, sadly for him they didn’t, he even signed a petition to Adidas to make them.

My brother was so passionate… wait I just realized I haven’t told you my brother’s name!

My brother is called Rutilo (a name that has run in the family for generations) but we call him Tilo, from now on I’ll be using his name.

Where was I?

Oh yes! So, Tilo was so passionate about this movie that one of his best friends (of course a designer) made for him an ID to become a member of the Team Zissou (He has been a member since August 2006).

Time passed and out of the blue Tilo received an email from a guy that, as him, had signed the petition to Adidas to make the sneakers without success. In this email he explained that as Adidas said they weren’t going to make the Zissou model he decided to buy a batch of the Adidas Roma model all in white to paint them with the exact colors of the movie to sell them to the fans, he asked Tilo if he wanted a pair and without hesitation he said yes.

After impatiently waiting a few weeks for his Zissous he finally got them! They looked almost the same, this gentle guy made an amazing work, he painted them by hand, they even have the Zissou name on the side and the boxes are labeled with the Zissou brand and it says they were made in the Belafonte.

Yesterday when I got to his place he told me “ I have a challenge for you” I was like “ok” and he gave me the blue Adidas box with his Zissou sneakers inside, “I want to wear them today and your challenge is to make them look great”

I opened his closet and as usual I started with the shirt, and there was only one choice for me, a safari inspired shirt that my mom bought for him in Spain, I liked it so much and thought it was perfect for the challenge, it has elephants, giraffes, lions among other cool animals and it automatically reminded me of the beautiful suitcases that Marc Jacobs specially made at Louis Vuitton for another of Wes Anderson’s movies, “The Darjeeling limited”

The greatest thing about this shirt is that it has a wide range of colors so it’s pretty easy to combine or contrast.

Then I choose the pants, a pair of blue pants (almost the same blue as the Zissou) and a navy linen coat with a safari cut, I thought it was really appropriate.

Finally the accessories, a pair of transluscent white Wayfarer shades, a green Paul Smith bracelet and a braided sand belt.

My brother added more fun to his look by Wearing a red beanie, only for fun.

I must say that Tilo and I had so much fun during the shooting and he really liked the look I came up with! I succeeded!

Lets see what happens next time…

Dan Redz .jpg

My Bother's Look:

Shirt:Dustin, Pants: Boss Orange, Belt: Massimo Dutti, Jacket: Polo Ralph Lauren, Sneakers: Adidas Zissou

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