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Tropical Look


Last week we were so lucky, the sun finally came out again! My summer clothes started to get to the dark corners of my wardrobe!

I believe that throwing out jeans is a crime, really!

I have tons of jeans flared, skinny, boyfriend, boot, low, ripped all kinds and my fiancée keeps telling me that I have too many but I seriously think that trends keep coming back, I even think that pretty soon we will be saying goodbye to skinny jeans and jeggins to welcome the boyfriend cut that should stay for a while.

That day I opened my jeans drawer (yes I keep my jeans in a drawer and they occupy less space than hanged) and I found my boot cut ripped jeans, I love them(I even wore them another day that week) they look great with everything, and looking at the sun outside I decided to wear them with my golden oxford shoes.

I bought those shoes in Milan this year in a store called Mauro Leone, they have two stores in Corso di Porta Ticinese, one of my many favorite streets to shop in Milan (actually you can find amazing stores all over Milan) I wasn’t sure about the color but when I asked my fiancée and my friend Mariely’s (whom I was visiting) opinion and they both told me to buy them, since I’m so hard to convince (kidding) I bought them.

I love my shoes and I have realized that in Mexico it rains a lot, when I use my golden shoes I`m nervous all the time, I’m afraid of ruining them, of course that day I wasn’t aware that the weather was going to change a few hours later.

For this look I choose a silk floral jacket, I like this jacket but I must say is not my favorite because I think is not my style, it has too many colors, I think of myself as a more black and white kind of girl, is not that I hate color but bright colors are hard for me to wear (unless it’s an accessory), I`m more into dark and cool colors, that day I was feeling tropical.

Finally the purse!

My fiancée knows me so well that he always gives me purses as a birthday present, a few years ago he gave me a black Long Champ Le Pliage tote bag and he noticed that I used that bag more than any other one I had, that’s when he started to buy me one each year in different colors, this year he gave me the citrus one, perfect for my look, bright color with room for all of my stuff.

In the afternoon in the shooting I got all wet thanks to the rain, my tropical look ended up being a tropical rain mess but I can say that I had fun while shooting the pictures and realized that it’s really hard to look good in the rain, my respects to the brits that always manage to look gorgeous even if they are soaking wet.

I like to tell you all about how I bought or got the clothes I`m wearing because I truly believe that every piece of clothing or accessory should have a great story behind, even if that story happens after you got them.

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My Look

Jeans: American Eagle, T-Shirt: Zara, Jacket:Zara, Shoes:Mauro Leone, Bag: Long Champ, Bracelets: STL Made in Italy

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