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Burgundy Pants


Burgundy is one of my favorite colors it contrasts perfectly with my skin tone.

I have lipsticks, sweaters, nail polish and I`m looking for the perfect burgundy hat.

I wasn`t looking for burgundy pants but the other day my mom asked me and my sister Ximena if we wanted to go with her to the mall, she wanted to buy my niece’s birthday present, at first we were just accompanying my mom but you know a mall is a great place for window-shopping so she told us to check out the stores to not get bored, we went to Zara.

I like to shop but I’m really strict when I’m shopping, it has to fit, it has to look great, it has to go with more than one outfit, sometimes I go crazy!

This time nothing of that happened, pure happiness I found more than one piece of clothing, besides there was not a soul, the store was ours.

While I was “just checking” the store I encountered a rack with a great variety of colors, fall colors, I saw a pair of mustard pants, then olive ones and finally my sight went straight to THE burgundy pants.

My burgundy pants, oh my pants! When I tried them on I pictured myself in at least five different outfits, one would think that this dark red-wine tone is hard to wear with other colors but I believe that is pretty easy to use.

This time I decided to wear them with one of my favorite white shirts, a sweatshirt and my Peter Pan booties (my fiancée calls them like that).

Even though I wore four different colors it looked really nice, that day I was freezing (I usually don’t get cold) and I hadn’t worn my grey sweatshirt for months, I like it because is light yet cozy, is sporty yet chic (it has small golden details) I love it.

So, about the colors I was wearing, I was thinking, burgundy is a red wine, and something that I love to have with wine is cheese and toasts, specially white goat cheese spread in crunchy golden-brown toasts, and I like goat cheese with ashes, creating a delicious contrast that when spread turns into a tasty grey, meaning all 4 colors go perfectly with each other, white and grey is the contrast to brown and burgundy, that’s why it looks so deliciously nice.

Burgundy goes perfect with cool colors like Olive, Blue, Brown, Black, Beige, Grey among others but if you want to wear them with warm color I recommend Mustard! (remember my last post on my brothers look?)

I’m really happy with my purchase (I will share with you more looks later) and I invite you to find a daring color that you can wear in several outfits.

P.S. I must say there’s a pair of mustard pants that is making my wallet shake and they refuse to leave my mind… Let’s see…

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Pants:Zara, Shirt:Polo Ralph Lauren, Sweatshirt: Aerie, Shoes: Italy, Bag:Italy

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