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I love sneakers, they are confortable, usually they come in a great variety of colors, materials and patterns and they are sooo in style right now!

It’s been a long time since I last bought myself a pair but this summer I found this red suede Adidas Originals’ sneakers and I couldn’t resist it, I liked them so much that I got them!

Funny story, I was visiting my sister in Madrid, she took me and my boyfriend to see literally every corner of the city, we got really tired from day one. I remember when I used to lived in Milan I used to walk everywhere so when I did my suitcase for this trip I thought “I’m used to walk a lot” so I packed a million flats, sandals, even one pair of heels, big mistake!

We were walking by the center of Madrid in Plaza del Sol when my beautiful feet started to burn, I couldn’t bare the pain, not even another second, my sister took me to one of the many Corte Ingles in the city and it turned out to be a Sports heaven.

I had so many choices!

I don’t have a favorite sports brand it depends on the timing, sometimes I like Nike, sometimes I’m more into Puma or Converse, I love them all.

This time and year I´m more into Adidas (I even bought two Adidas sweat shirts this year I’ll tell you more about that in another post) I went straight to their corner and I got into a crossroad, I had found three different pairs, all in beautiful colors and shapes, I tried them all and my sis, my boyfriend and I decided that the red ones were much better and they looked really nice on me.

After I made my mind I took a pair of socks and immediately after I paid I wore them, what a difference!

It’s been a few months and I’m steel loving my red sneakers, this time I decided to wear them in an androgynous way, with a grey blazer and a classic blue shirt.

When I decided to wear them this way I never thought my brother an my dad would call me Tina Fey, not even in my craziest dreams but that was their reaction, I really like Tina Fey specially her Liz Lemon part in 30 Rock (one of my favorite series) so I was happy they felt I looked like her, maybe I can say that unconsciously deep inside me I got inspired by the “Bossy Pants” author.

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My Look

Jeans:American Eagle, Shirt:Polo Ralph Lauren,Blazer: Gap, Sneakers: Adidas Originals,Shades: Ray-Ban Clubmaster

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