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Vogue Fashion's Night Out Mexico 2014



Last Thursday Vogue Magazine presented for the fourth time in Mexico, the global fashion celebration “Vogue Fashion’s Night Out” in the open-air mall Antara Fashion Hall, located in Mexico City.

It all started in 2009 in New York, American Vogue legendary fashion editor Anna Wintour created this amazing celebration to encourage costumers to support the fashion industry during the 2009 world economic downturn.

The different brands supported this celebration by throwing parties in their stores all over New York with famous DJ’s and special guests like models or the designers signing autographs and by launching special edition designs only sold that day.

They further enhanced the experience by giving free treats and drinks and by putting on together different activities like photo shoots, makeup tests for free, among other fashion experiences.

VFNO has grown so much that as many as 19 countries including Italy, Russia, Australia, France, the UK, China and of course Mexico in two of its mayor cities, Mexico City and Guadalajara celebrate fashion for a night.

Sadly in the US the VFNO hasn’t been as successful as in other countries, they don’t celebrate it anymore.

My first fashion night out was three years ago and I had so much fun that my sister, my cousins and I love to go together every year ever since.

As they did in New York, every store “dresses up” to welcome us with delicious treats, music and drinks.

I like to dress up for the occasion, as it is a shopping day I always wear confortable shoes even if they are high heels (photographers will be there) I like my make up to be light (I’ll be done by a professional artist during the parties) and of course I bring my camera to take pictures of the entire event.

This year Nars took over the makeup part, I visited the brand new Kate Spade store and they had a “Narsissist” booth where you could get a recreation of the Kate Spade Runway makeup look during fashion week in New York.

I’ve always loved cat eyes, actually I do my own make up and I have to say I’m pretty good at doing the cat eyes, when the makeup artist told me that cat eyes were the signature look for Kate Spade’s fashion week runway I went crazy, I told him that I wanted them right away and he did them.

I usually do a natural look, no base, just blush, eye shadows sometimes liner and mascara, but I had to take advantage of the occasion, (is not everyday that I get a makeup artist to do my makeup) I left him do whatever he wanted, it was more makeup than I usually use, plus colored eye shadow and lipstick.

I liked a lot what he did, he even gave me and my sister a few makeup tips:

-Before applying eye shadows use eye primer so they last longer and they become waterproof.

-When you apply mascara do it first with your brush in a vertical way, then apply it in a horizontal way to remove the lumps.

-Use gold eyeliner inside to open up your eyes.

-Use dark liner on your lips to highlight their shape, then apply lipstick on the inside and finish them with gloss. (Attention the liner, lipstick, gloss and their different shades applied have to look and blend smoothly)

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out was fun, but I must say, the weather didn’t make things easy, as Antara Fashion Hall is an open-air mall you easily get wet, last year the same thing happened and they had to postpone the opening, this year they solved it by putting a tent but you could hardly see the guests.

Maybe next year they’ll figure out a way of protecting guests from the rain while allowing them to enjoy the stores and the whole experience that VFNO is!

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