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My Favorite Sweater


When I talk about my style I can’t say a tendency or someone influences me, I like to buy what catches my eye, sometimes it’s hard for me to find the perfect outfit , I may have an idea in my mind but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

My mom always finds it funny to go out shopping with me because I’m always touching everything, my hands are a big part of my shopping experience, I like to feel the fabrics and see if the finishing in the clothes are done right, she says that I have done this since I was a little girl and at first she worried, she thought that the salesgirls would be mad about my obsession of touching everything, literally everything.

I don’t like to try clothes on! I know, crazy! I used to go shopping without trying anything on, a dumb thing to do because nothing fitted at least the way I wanted, I learned the hard way that you have to make the effort to try everything on, specially if you’ve made up your mind and are spending money on it.

American Eagle Outfitters opened its doors in Mexico last year, I love this store. I remember when I had to go shopping abroad to buy my favorite jeans, and sweatshirts, and sweaters, and underwear, mmm everything.

Centro Santa Fe is the biggest mall in Mexico and one of the biggest in Latin America, they have a great variety of national and international stores, including AEO, Zara, H&M… a huge H&M, Steve Madden, Adolfo Dominguez, BCBG, Saks Fifth Avenue, Camper, Stuart Weitzman, Sephora among many others, Centro Santa Fe gives an added value to your shopping experience with high end restaurants distributed across the mall.

I’m super close to my sister and cousins, we do everything together, we go to lunch, dinner, parties, clubbing and of course shopping, one of our favorite activities.

One day we where sopping in Centro Santa Fe, we visited AEO and I found this cute sweater, a blue (some may argue it’s grey) cropped sweater with beautiful embroidery on the belly, I fell for it in a few seconds, I did my usual analysis by touching the fabrics and really thinking if it was worth buying, I tried it on, l LOVED it and finally decided to buy it.

It’s being almost a year since I bought the sweater and I’m steel loving it, It goes great with all kinds of bottoms.

This time I wore it with the white shorts I found earlier this month, I’m taking full advantage of the last rays of sun.

My recommendation: if you go shopping try to buy something that you know you will wear several times instead of an outfit that you will end up using maximum twice, even if it is more expensive, the different looks you will create with that special piece of clothing will make it worth.

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