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White on White


White shirts are one of my favorite pieces of basic clothing; I have them in many different shapes and lengths.

This summer I visited my sister in Madrid, Spain and I couldn’t help but notice that all girls were wearing maxi shirts (perhaps their boyfriend’s) as dresses; they looked amazing! Feminine and classic, I wanted one, so I started the search for the maxi shirt.

At the beginning we thought about Zara, but I didn’t wanted to go there right away because in Mexico we have Zara in every corner, so I looked in different stores including the famous department store El Corte Ingles, but all our efforts proved unfruitful, I was about to give up when I remembered why I love Zara, you can almost always find what you are looking for there.

My sister took me to Zara in Serrano street, Serrano is famous for having the must prestigious international shops, it is one of the best shopping streets in the world, Zara is located in a beautiful old building, in this exclusive street.

I started the typical tour around this beautiful store, I went around the ground floor and nothing, then I got to the second floor where all racks and displays were filled with white clothes, pants, shirts, t-shirts, accessories and shoes, I was filled with anticipation! I started looking for my maxi shirt and, finally, it was there! I was so excited that I had found it (it wasn’t as long as I wanted so as to wear it as a dress but I could use it with jeans or leggings) I also found other two styles of white shirts and a “Mantón” inspired Kimono.

I have to confess that after that amazing trip I gained a few pounds, I wasn’t thrilled about it but I had so much fun! So I decided to wait until I had lost all that extra happy-weight to use my “Spanish shirt” for the first time. I looked for my beautiful white pants (that I haven’t worn in years) and tried that outfit on, it looked great!

Usually when I’m wearing an all white outfit I try to contrast it with colored accessories, this time I contrasted my look with navy shoes and bag (it’s still summer right?)

My Recommendation: When you are wearing white you have to be extra careful! It can easily get stained (careful with the makeup stains in the collar), avoid colored and dark underwear, unless you are trying a see-through look so that it looks like you are doing it on purpose and it becomes an accent. You don’t have to always combine your shoes and purse, you can play with textures and colors, remember white is the sum of all the other colors so be creative!

Dan Redz .jpg

My Look

Shirt: Zara, Pants: Zara, Purse: Gap, Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider, Shade: Zara.

Get th Look

Shirt: Mango, Pants: T by Alexander Wang, Purse: Nine West, Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider,Shades: Toms, Makeup: Bobbi Brown, Lipstick:Nars

White on White

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