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New Look Same Clothing

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I decided to start a new project, to help my brother create new looks with his clothes.

We live in a world that moves fast, trends are hard to catch on and not just hard but expensive, we tend to buy clothes every season but we forget that trends are cyclical and eventually they come back.

My brother buys clothes not following trends, but because he likes them but I noticed that he eventually ends up using the same tops with the same bottoms, sweaters and jackets, I must say that my brother dresses really nice but he keeps using his clothes the easy way without creating new combinations.

That’s when I thought of this new project; I will be creating different outfits for my brother without him spending money.

You can all try this for at least two weeks and I bet you will realize that your closets are full of wonderful unexplored combinations. It’s a whole new you without buying more clothes!

First Look

My brother is an Architect/Designer, and being a creative person his clothes are, well, creative. He loves cool patterns, almost all his shirts have them, he also loves color, especially blue, he actually told me he always wears something blue and that was my first hint of what to change, he had to explore new options and try new colors.

First of all I checked out his shirts, he has a great variety, I found one that has a great pattern and many different colors, I asked him “How many times have you worn it” and he told me that it has been months since he last used it.

That was a perfect start, I had found the shirt.

Afterwards I looked over the bottoms, he has the perfect amount of jeans and pants, he has many blue jeans and some colored pants but for this shirt I chose a more neutral color: camel.

Camel color is a perfect match to almost every color; this shirt has many so I thought it would look great with it.

Mornings in Mexico are usually cold so we needed a sweater, I looked for a red one, the shirt had little red circles, but I ran into an emerald green sweater, and I discovered that this colorful shirt had also this type of green in several small circles.

And so I did it! No blue this time, well just a few dots in the shirt but that was it.

Finally the shoes, my brother loves sneakers, especially Adidas Stan Smith, he has them in at least 5 different colors! I chose a boot-like yellow suede pair, I thought they would add some spice, in this case curry ;), and they combine perfectly with the pants and add contrast to the shirt and sweater.

I added a burgundy colored belt as finishing touch.

When I asked my brother what he though about the combination he told me “I would had never thought of combining this shirt whit this pants and sweater” I got a little nervous but then he got to work and people told him he looked nice so he ended up telling me “It was a great success! It’s different and it looks really nice”

Let’s see what I come up with next time!

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Mi Brother's Look

Shirt: Desigual, Pants: Marks and Spencer, Sweater: Scout, Belt: Gant, Sneakers: Clarks, Glasses: Ray-ban

Get the Look

Shirt: Holland Esquire, Pants:Jack & Jones,Sweater: Old Navy, Sneakers: Volcom, Glasse: Prada, Shades: Ray-Ban, Belt: Anderson's, Case, Fossil.

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