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The other day I found my white denim shorts, it was a great finding for that day as I was leaving the city with my mom and aunts for the weekend to Cocoyoc (Cocoyoc is a weekend community near Mexico City).

Cocoyoc and nearby Cuernavaca are known for its eternal spring, the weather is great, warm during the day and fresh at night, legend says that Barbara Hutton once asked a group of experts to tour the world looking for the place with the best weather and they concluded that that place was Cuernavaca, the Sumiya Hotel used to be her house.

That’s why I was glad I found my white denim shorts, they are perfect for a fresh look for a warm weekend, its been years since I last used them, so I wanted to wear them right away.

When I opened my closet to do my suitcase I found a green blouse, it was my sister’s, so I asked her if I could borrow it and as usual she told me yes, so I had found the perfect blouse to wear with my shorts, the combination of green and white is perfect, it actually looks elegant and classic, a great contrast for this look is brown, like the light brown on the sandals and the purse I chose.

I love denim even if it is white because you can use it a few times before washing it, this is very practical when you are out for the weekend so that you don’t have to bring 10 different shorts, instead you can bring two or three (it depends on the time you are going away) and re-use each pair two maximum three times.

Making a suitcase is difficult but when it’s just for a weekend getaway it can be very simple, as I have been doing it for my whole life I have learned that you can create several looks with a small amount of clothing.

Here is 4 basic tips to do a perfect weekend suitcase:

1.Always remember the basics, jeans, shorts pants and skirts, (depending on the weather of course) you can bring one or two of each and use them two times but combined with different blouses, tops, or T’s.

2.For each bottom bring two tops, try to be creative so it doesn’t look like you are wearing the same outfit, for example if it is a floral skirt bring two different colors of tops, one white and the other green.

3.Shoes and purses take al lot of space on your baggage so try to bring neutral colors like black, brown, nude, beige or white they are easy to combine with almost all colors and patterns.

4. It is super important to always bring a jacket the weather can always change, it is better to be prepared, the jacket has to be neutral, like the shoes, maybe a black jacket or denim jacket or just a plain sweater.

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My Look

Shorts: Zara, Blouse: Forever 21, Sandals: Gap, Purse: Coach, Shades: Zara

Get the Look

Shorts:J Brand,, Sandals:Nine West, Purse:Vince Camuto, Shades: Ray-Ban, Blush:Bobbi Brown, Lipstick:Bobbi Brown, Nail Polish: Essie

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