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7 Beauty Daily Tips

7 Daily Beauty Tips by Dan Redz

I love Makeup ever since my mom bought me my fist real Makeup Kit (I had before the “Fashion Magic Makeup” kit but it doesn’t count). I remember I wanted grownups makeup so she took me to Palacio de Hierro ( a Mexican department store) and let me choose the brand I wanted, they had many options, Chanel, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, among others, I learned all about them, my mom and I finally decided that Lâncome was the best option, I was 13, and they offered a great variety of peaches and pink colors.

My mom has always been my greatest example of fashion and beauty, she thought me to always dress nice even if you are staying at home, you never know if someone will come home as a surprise and to never go out unprepared either as you can always bump into someone.

When it comes to beauty it’s really important to have a daily routine, always wash your face in the morning and remove your makeup before going to sleep.

Here is a list of my daily routine and the products I like, 7 Daily Beauty Tips that will help you have a natural look and nicer skin.

1-Organix is one of my favorite hair products brand, they have a great variety of scents and treatments, my favorite shampoo and conditioner are the Argan Oil of Morocco, they bring brightness to your hair, it gets easier to brush and they smell amazing.

2-Before my hair dries I like to put on a few drops of the renewing Argan Moroccan Oil by Organix, it will finish up the frizz on your hair and it will keep the amazing scent of the product, after applying it I use the hair dryer and I run my fingers through my hair, to have a natural wavy look.

3-My skin tone is really pale and I love it, but sadly I can’t sun tan because I can get skin Cancer, so I learned in an early age that instead of aspiring to look like JLo or the Kardashians, I could look up to other artist that have similar complexion to mine, like Gwen Stefani or Anne Hathaway.

Its been 3 years since I started using Sunblock every day, I got used to it, now is part of my daily routine, after I wash my face I wait a few minutes before applying the sunscreen, after that I wait until it absorbs, you have to really massage it so that it doesn’t leave white marks, you can apply makeup over it.

To have better results you have to re-apply the sunscreen every two hours.

4-Lips are super important and we always forget to moisturize them, lipstick is not a moisturizer, you need to use lip balm, I love Chocolate and lucky for me Cacao is great for the skin, that is why I love the Chocomania Lip Butter from The Body Shop, it smells yum, is pocket size and easy to apply.

5-I don’t wear much makeup, not even on the weekends, I like my pores to breathe and look natural, I have freckles and I love them so instead of wearing makeup I use face powder and blush to give my cheeks a brighter and healthier look, without covering them.

Because of my pale tone I use a pink or peach color but if your skin is darker you can try a clay or bronze color to accentuate your cheekbones.

6-Urban Decay offers the best palette of eye shadows, they launched this year the Naked 3 line and as the name says your eyes look naked, the full palette is quite big but they offer a smaller more compact version with the basic colors, it is called Naked basic Palette, you can buy it in Sephora, it has all of the sand colors, they will accentuate your eyes, I even use the darker brown on my eyebrows, you don’t need to add anything else and you will look naturally beautiful.

7-Last but not least, Mascara.

Cover Girl has designed THE perfect brush, it separates your lashes one by one, it doesn’t leave lumps and is cheap, you can buy it in almost every supermarket and pharmacy.

Now you know my 7 beauty secrets I hope you try them all!

If you have your own beauty secrets you I would love for you to share them with us!

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