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Rock n' Fashion

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I love T-shirts, specially the ones with original designs, in Corso di Porta Ticinese in Milan there’s a store called My Closet Italia, they have a great variety of T’s with clever design called Happiness brand.

The first one I bought was inspired by the famous 80’s band Guns n’ Roses formed by the vocalist Axl Rose and the lead guitarist Slash, I actually love this band, I grew up watching MTV (when they presented music videos instead of reality shows about crazy people), so I have always known about the great rock and pop bands, now you know why a I wanted this T.

After buying my first Happiness T, I wanted to know more about this brand, usually when I like a brand I like to investigate about its beginning, its inspiration, who designs for it, who are the founders and the manufacture, so I got into it, and I found out that it has an amazing story:

Happiness Brand was founded in 2007 by Michael Scarpellini and Eiman Hamza. They were born in Rimini, Italy and Los Angeles respectively, and also she’s descendant from an Egyptian family. When Eiman moved to Italy she met Michael and they felt in love, they married a few years later and now the have a son. They have many stores in Italy and in Los Angeles, their brand has nowadays all kind of clothing and accessories, if you like sporty clothes Happiness Brand has sweatshirts, basics, T-shirts, snickers, among others.

I recommend you to visit their website and follow them on Instagram: @michaelscarpellini @eimanhamza and @happinessbrand

On that time love for T’s grew on me and now I collect them, when I found new styles of T’s I always try to buy one, they are never out of style, but my favorite brand will always be Happiness.

I like to wear my T’s with everything, specially with blazers, T’s in general are casual but you can style them up with some heels and a purse.

My recommendation: To style up T’s never wear them with sweatpants, try to use them with jeans or pants, sneakers always look great in a casual look specially now that they are in style, and of course try to wear them with a blazer, a colored one o simply whit a classic black jacket.

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My Look

Jeans: American Eagle, T-shirt:Happiness Brand, Blazer: H&M, Bag: Carolina Herrera Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Clubmaster, Lipstick: Giorgio Armani Beauty Shoes: Lolitas Milano

Get the Look

Jeans: H&M, T-Shirt: Old Navy, Blazer: TopShop, Bag: Long Champ, Sunglasses: Prada, Lipstick: Nars, Shoes: Nine West

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