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Denim on Denim

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Four years ago, when I was living in Milan, I took a walk by Corso Vittorio Emanuele II with my lovely friend Pily. We were surprised to see H&M´s shop window, full of denim: jackets, jeans, shirts, shorts, anyway, all kind of clothing you can imagine. We were like, what are the 90’s back?

At the beginning we laughed about it, we found it so funny, then I remembered the old days, when I used to wear those big jeans without shape in combination of a huge denim jacket that passed from my brother to be mine.

I´m sure I looked funny, but it was the kind of look that Kelly from Beverly Hills 90210 used to wear, I felt as beautiful as her, because I loved that show (my mom even bought me the Ken dolls from Dylan and Brandon), but in that moment I didn’t believe it could last so long, it wasn’t going to happened, at least for me, it was too much denim in an outfit.

Some weeks later a went back to H&M and I gave it a shot, I bought my first denim shirt, at first I wore it whit colored or black jeans, but never combined with denim, until I bought my second denim shirt, I tried to wear it with denim, in that moment I felt in love!

It has been four years and five denim shirts, I’m still loving them! I wear them all the time, now I know that sometimes risks are needed to realize that those things that used to scare you, can make you fall in love. I recommend everyone to take risks, at least in classic clothes, like denim.

Denim is essential in our closets, is like that little black dress of casual clothing, it combines with everything literally, you can add some accessories and make it look stylish, to look more chic you can wear a cute top whit a denim shirt and heels, for a more relax look you can wear booties and add a scarf, bags and shoes are our best friends, so contrast your look with them.

You don’t have to always wear a shirt under, I love to wear them under a pull over or just buttoned.

My recommendation: to never use the same tone of denim, try to use lighter denim on top and on the bottom darker, it will accentuate your figure, and of course it’s never out of the table to combine a denim shirt with colored jeans or different pants.

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My Look

Denim Shirt: American Eagle Outfiters, Jeans: American Eagle Outfiters, T-Shirt: H&M, Shoes: Mauro Leone,Milano, Bag: Marc by Marc jacobs, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviator, Lipstick: Baby Lips by Maybelline.

Get the Look

Denim Shirt: American Eagle Outfiters, Jeans:American Eagle Outfiters, T-shirt: H&M, Shoes:Yes Style, Bag:Marc by Marc Jacobs, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviator, Lipstick: Baby Lips by Maybelline.

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