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Casual Chic

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A few years ago my beautiful sister told me I would be an awesome blogger, at the beginning I thought she was right, but then I saw that almost all bloggers have great bodies en self-esteem, I consider myself shy and I wasn’t a big fan of my body, so I gave up on that dream.

After I finished my Industrial Design Career, I decided that it was time to work on my dreams, I always wanted to study Fashion Design but in Mexico is not as build up as in other countries like USA, France or Italy, that’s why I made my career in Industrial Design, at least I was going to design. I was never really happy about it, but then four years ago I went on an Exchange Program in Milan, Italy.

During this program I realized that my passion for fashion was real, I felt in love with this amazing city and I discovered a bunch of great independent Italian fashion stores where, of course I bought a lot of clothes, specially shoes (I love shoes!!).

When I came back to Mexico, I wanted to be once again at Milan and study Fashion Design. A year later my brilliant brother decided to move there in order to study his Masters, so I took advantage of the situation and I saw it as an opportunity for me to return to THE FASHION CITY. I convinced my dad to send me to Milan to do a fashion course in the Instituto di Moda Burgo, and he accepted.

I was going to be able to live mi dream, I flew to Milan as fast as I could and I was there for two hole months with my best friend. I learned all the basics steps: how to draw a figurino, how to use colors, choose a color palette and specially how Mr. Burgo hated the girls who slammed the door of the restroom. I loved my course and I remember that I got inspired by music to create my fist fashion collection, I felt so special, so happy.

After finishing my course I came back to Mexico and left fashion design aside, I had to fulfill other commitments, like working on my tesis; for that project I designed ceramics tableware inspired on French Macaroons, finally I finished my career and it brings us to this year.

I’ve being designing new fashion collections, but I need more so I remembered about my fashion blog, I had already thought about its name, I had even the main idea, then I dared to open it. At the beginning it was in Spanish, but then a few months ago I decided to move it from blogspot and change its name from Hablemos de... to Elemental, Fashion and Lifestyle.

Elemental because I think to dress up every day is elemental, but for me is more than that, for me is the most important way of expression, a way to know someone, to learn about peoples feelings, likes and dislikes.

This blog will be a journey to find your own style, the place where I’ll be writing about fashion, showing examples on how to wear basic clothes and making them look stylish, of course I’ll be showing you my designs and talking about what is like to live in Mexico. I will follow my dreams to become, not only a great designer, but also a great blogger. I really hope you all like it!!!

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My Look

Pullover: Divided by H&M, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Mauro Leone Milano, Bag: Siena,Italy, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Clubmaster, Lipstick: Sephora, Bracelets: H&M

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Pullover:Divided by H&M, Jeans: Frame Denim, Shoes:Seteve Madden, Bag:Aldo, Sunglasses:Ray-Ban Cubmaster, Lipstick: Sephora, Bracelets: NastyGal

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