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When it comes to travel I always try to go easy on my suitcase and concentrate more about enjoying.

During my honeymoon I learned that weather is even more unpredictable than I thought… ever since I travel with my raincoat, feather jacket and Timberlands, especially when outdoors are involved, it’s the easiest way to travel and create cool outfits, I’m not sure if they are fashionable but they look appropriate for the occasion and keeps me away from suffering.

From the past four years outdoor clothing has become my obsession, I’m pretty sure it’s because my husband is a huge outdoor/camping fan, at first I tried to resist and do all those activities in a “fashionable” way but as the years went by I became addicted to those activities too and end up loving all about them even clothing, now I can say I have a big list of favorite outdoor brands.

As a tourist I like to keep it simple, just a pair of shoes, my Tims, and two jackets (water resistant and feathers), in order to add a cool vibe and try not to look like a portrait I like to use layers and accessories; in this case my denim shirt and sweater are covered by my jacket but my accessories are right there, a grey beanie and a green kerchief, even though I had just a few outfit options every outfit seamed different thanks to this system.

I have to say that outdoor clothing has become the perfect addition to my closet and every day I’m more into integrating this garments on my daily life.

I took these pictures in Llanes, a gorgeous municipality of Asturias northern Spain, (I will be posting more about it in my new travel section later on) at “Los Cubos de la Memoria” (The Cubes of Memory) by the artist Agustín Ibarrola.

Jacket: Marmot, Jeans: True Religion, Kerchief: REI, Beanie: H&M, Shoes: Timberland

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