H&M Conscious Exclusive

This year H&M launched the Conscious Exclusive collection in collaboration with the Musée des Arts Décoratifs of the Louvre Museum.

Inspired by museum archives the designers created this gorgeous clothing line surrounded by centuries of art and cultures.

The result a contemporary abstraction of vases, furniture, fabrics and paintings printed and reinterpreted on recycled materials.

I got invited to the launch of this collection in Mexico but when they did it in Paris they did it on the opening of the “Fashion Forward , 3 Siècles de Mode (1715-2016)” exhibition witch will be until august 14th at the museum.

If you are in Paris you must go!

During the presentation of this collection I totally felt in love I could even say that it’s my favorite H&M collaboration.

I had to ask when I could to buy it…

I was told that I could buy everything I wanted in that moment!

I got into a puzzle!



But then I remembered I’m not a millionaire

I had to choose; after trying on almost every piece I end up buying this coat and a pair of shades.

This coat is my everything, I can use it any time, this is my fist post but it’s not the fist time I’ve used it.

I hope you like this version of it, with high waist jeans, a white top and a pair of strappy shoes.

Este año H&M lanzó la colección Conscious Exclusive en colaboración con el Musée de Arts Dècoratifs del Museo de Louvre.

Inspirándose en los archivos del museo, los diseñadores crearon esta increíble línea de ropa rodeados de siglos de arte y culturas.<