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New Look Same Clothing II


And so I’m back with my brother’s “New Look” project

Second Look

For the second look I decided to start with the shirt, a colorful one with my brother’s favorite pattern, squares.

He loves this shirt, is not the first time I’ve seen it, but he usually wears it with a blue sweater, remember that my brother always wears something blue?(and he’s not planning to get married anytime soon) Not this time, I must say that it’s hard to stop this because he has more blue sweaters than any other color. After a few minutes in his closet I finally I found a purple one, perfect!

I love purple it seems harder to combine than it really is, my brother shirt has red, blue, turquoise, green, even yellow, the hole rainbow on it, but the meticulous yarn of the fabric mixes all this color in perfect squares without looking feminine, the purple sweater brings armory and looks great with this colorful shirt.

Denim is perfect for this look, when you are using all this color is risky to add even more, I don’t like to exaggerate, when I use color on top I try to simplify the bottom and vice versa.

This time a gave my brother a chance to wear something blue, the sneakers, this Puma’s are incredible, they were designed to be used in boats, they even have small holes in the sole to refresh your feet from the heat and to let the water come out when they get wet.

The final touch: Ray-Ban shades, I haven’t mentioned it yet but my two brothers, my sister and I are huge fans of Ray-Ban sunglasses, we have at least 10 pairs each and I believe that sunglasses are one of the greatest accessory ever, you can style up any outfit with a pair of cool shades, in this case they are the classic faux-tortoiseshell Wayfarer.

My brother was happy with the result, and we will keep working on some new looks, I hope you will like them. Let’s see what I come up with next time!

Dan Redz .jpg

My Brother's Look

Shirt:Gant, Jeans: Adidas Originals, Sweater: Benetton, Sneakers: Puma, Belt: Massimo Dutti, Shades: Ray-Ban, Headphones: Urbanears

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